ready for an adventure

ready for an adventure
paddling into sunset

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ktwon 2010!

Ahhhh, going back to kenora for the weekend was amazing! The weather held up and it was great to chill in ktown! The weekend was jam packed full of activities and lots of walking around the many trails of kenora. One of my favorite spots was Tunnel Island. It is a gem tucked away off the highway and it is the perfect spot to hang out, enjoy the sun, check out some cools rocks and enjoy the river. I ended up walking around 10 miles that day and it was nice to hang out in the evening and enjoy the evening breeze. Sunday came around and it was time for some serious fishing! I hooked up with Brian and we hit the open water of lake of the woods in hope to catch us dinner. We had a great time cruising around the lake, catching some sun and just chilling out. Unfortunately, the fishing was not the greatest but I outfished Brian and caught the fish of the day!I have been too busy having fun so here is a quick view of what I have been doing lately! I have had been to Kenora for a couple of weekends during the past month and every visit was great! I hung with some great people, fished and caught some fish for the winter, went hiking, had some drinks with some friends, went kayaking on the Winnipeg River, watched the fire works for harbourfest, met some new people and hung out with people who are very dear to my heart(you know who you are!!) All in all it was a great time and I love Kenora so much! I also enjoyed being out of the bush for the weekend and enoying a starbucks latte, having a bagel from Tim's and buying a hot red fishing rod! The weather was great, the sun was out and the rain was kept to a minimum so I could not ask for more! I hope to spend a bit more time there to catch some fish, do some more kayaking and possibly some climbing!

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