ready for an adventure

ready for an adventure
paddling into sunset

Saturday, June 26, 2010

around town

This week has been great for paddling and for checking out some of the flora and fauna of ELA. To date I have seen; deer, bears, a wolf, beavers, ducks, black fly's, mosquito's, trout(tasted very nice over a camp fire), hawks and bald eagles! Not too bad for an afternoon paddle! Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

31st birthday!

June 4th came around quickly so I decided to venture out with my kayak and check a new lake at ELA. The weather was not promising but I figured a little rain wont hurt. The staff mentioned that one of portages was long and not the easiest but since I had no set schedule and wanted to test out my kayak, I was all game. Little did I know that the portage was 2km long, which I did twice; once with my gear and the second time carrying my kayak over my shoulder! I definitely need stronger shoulders and arms if I plan to do any serious portaging! Once the portage was finished, got in my boat, the skies opened up and it poured! Ahhhh perfect timing! Luckily enough there was not any lighting, but the minute I finished my dinner and was happily drinking baileys for my birthday, ligthing and thunder struck. I happily fell alseep to the sound of rain on my tent and a lighting show to celebrate new beginnings and the close to a wonderful year! Thanks to everyone who supported me during the last year and to all my wonderful friends and family in winnipeg, kenora, vancouver, and of course Melissa in australia.