ready for an adventure

ready for an adventure
paddling into sunset

Monday, May 24, 2010

may long with Janice

May long weekend was great! Janice came up from the city and we spent two days cruising around Roddy Lake at ELA. Roddy is one of the public lakes in the area and it is a great lake because it has lots of bay and inlets to explore! The weather was great, the water is crystal clear and the paddling was awesome! This was a great weekend for us girls to hang out, paddle, leave the human world behind and enjoy what nature has to offer! This was also a chance for me to get to know my kayak and I have a lot to learn. First of all, turning an 18ft kayak is no easy feat, especially when there are high waves going against you! The trick to turning with a skeg is it loosen your waist and lean! This something that I had to learn quickly since I spent some time paddling backwards and running into the shoreline! Good thing I have kevlar kayak! LOL! All in all the weekend was great! We enjoyed the time on the water, spend some time around the camp fire and had great food and wine to enjoy the end of the day! I hope you enjoy the pictures! love Kim

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new kayak!

So last weekend I bought my first kayak! With the help of some very awesome people in my life and the lovely staff at wilderness supply, I bought a red cypress current design kayak for my summer at ELA. Getting a kayak was on my list for this summer and I absolutely in love with my new kayak! I took it out for a test drive and it was a blast! The boat,which I have not named yet, has a skeg, which means that steering the kayak involves alot of weight shifting in order to control and steer the boat! I am new to kayaking so I am planning on taking every chance I get to hit the water to develop my skills and to become comfortable in my kayak in all types of conditions! I hope to have as many people out to do some kayaking this summer so if you are interested, drop me a line! Enjoy the pics and the video! I hope everyone is having a wicked summer so far!
lots of love Kim

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ELA new beginnings!

just a quick update and some new pics to show you lovely folks where I work and what I have been doing in the last few days. It was been a busy first couple of weeks but this place is great! I am working with a hydrologist and I will be monitoring weirs and flumes at all the lakes. I will also be working for professors at the University of Alberta who are conducting mercury in precipitation so there has been lots to learn in the last few days. I spent the first week training: ATV, defensive driving, etc and getting to know who is who and what they do at the camp. There are lots of projects going on up here so I have been helping everybody set up and just getting to know where all the lakes are and what there numbers are!!! The food is great and the staff quaters are excellent! Also, there are many bike trails, quad trails and tonnes of lakes to explore so I am definitely going to take advantage of everything this place has to offer! Enjoy the pics!